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Performance Management and Capacity Planning
Important aspects of system management, the performance management and capacity planning issues, AREA INFORMATION, current evaluation, planning, designing, implementing and provides services in the area. Capacity Planning, IT and business objectives to meet customer requirements cost-effectively meet their computing resources in order to have the planning.

System Configuration Services
Make available information technologies are not enough anymore, you will not know which product or company that will take the trouble to find the product you are is hard to do? Do not end your problems now? AREA INFORMATION expert team of IT to your buildings by analyzing your needs, individual interests result most quickly and seamlessly access guarantees, infrastructure, starting from the end user until the problems bit by letting you actually doing your work allows you to.

System Management Services
System, the most important issue, Information Technology in the structure of the systems together, is compatible to be, and systems integration is. Information technology support services, high-speed infrastructure, wired and wireless communications, data storage systems, backup systems that are running applications server systems and communications software System integration of the unit is in place. System Management Services, data processing system with integration of secure, flexible, efficient operation, hardware, software and infrastructure maintenance and high efficiency ensures availability of services.

Systems Solutions Center
Today, the international security standard server (Data Center) and the Information Technology room for the success of corporate information and communication systems is an essential priority. Enterprise IT infrastructure designed for the safe and uninterrupted operation of the server room and data processing, information security and business continuity to the institution supports the concept of an advantage against its competitors are making.

Fire, environmental factors (climate, humidity, flooding, etc..) Unauthorized access, earthquakes, power outages like the most basic physical security requirements without interruption to provide advanced technology hosting and secure data center rooms, a rational and efficient system operation is the foundation.

Room for a successful installation of the system developed on this issue for all of the following highly specific solutions can be used to obtain the best outcome is a must. Systems in question are part of the budget and other reasons to use from time to time may adversely affect business continuity, and could prevent the return of investment.

- Fire Detection and Extinguishing,
- Uninterruptible power supplies and generators,
- Precision Air Conditioning,
- Cabinets,
- Raised floor and the ceiling lowered,
- Cable Handling Systems,
- Fire resistant door
- IP Camera Monitoring
- Temperature and Humidity Sensing and Warning,
- Unauthorized Persons Information Centre with access control systems for this type of security is extremely important and indispensable.
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