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- Network Services
Companies which were established or newly established Information Technology infrastructure maps sort and cabling and infrastructure services, the establishment outside the existing network system, changes made and the design of network analysis after the new standards-compliant technology, the selection of service provider and your company needs these services, counseling combined with support for completion are.

Our engineers will evaluate your existing network structure in the system, you understand your current and future network requirements best suited to meet the needs and design solutions, offers networking strategy.

Our engineering project management systems, enterprise planning, product installation and implementation of such integrated services to meet your networking solutions are implemented.

Our IT support services network 'reputation we are allowed to run at optimum efficiency by analyzing network problems, hardware failures are detected and is resolved by your network infrastructure.

Our services have given up;
- Fiber Optic Data Wiring and Termination
- Cat5, Cat6 and Cat7 UTP Data Wiring
- End termination and labeling
- System Design and Installation of Room
- Cabinets and Patch Panels Services

Network Analysis
Today, each network, one or more connections with the other networks are connected. Internet, remote offices, B2B connections, the basic joints. The links on the traffic filtering is done, even if some unknown network communications for organizations risk or financial loss can create. Corporate networks by conducting analytical studies or related products and technologies and by integrating the periodic or continuous monitoring can provide. Communications brought to light so that makes the unknown, without causing disaster risks are increasing stops and performance.

Infrastructure Services
Standards for network infrastructure requirements in the application of the products are made. Certification for certified products in accordance with the technical design of applications will be selected. To expand existing projects in the open structure is formed. After enumerating the general practice of tests and measurements are presented in the report. Restructuring of existing systems and new installations, modifications, cabling alternatives produce the most appropriate for your system and are done. Infrastructure is in healthy working order of the periodic tests, and manage your information with our products we offer can be.

Installation Services
IT structures your purchase or you have IT products, installation, professional and expert team turnkey results produce. We have done installations in one or more products that can become as problematic as you think, or by studies problematic that all the IT structure for your results-oriented services that your company should be places are carrying.

Wireless LAN
Without any terrestrial connection data, voice and video communications services in high speed performance of a wireless network with each other in the same locations, to integrate their non-working group is the most effective solutions. Security, companies must have systems that present the most important cases, users who access the wireless network settings for most efficient operation may be permitted in areas that are important. AREA a fast and efficient process to make up a wireless network that guarantees privileges. Data is the most reliable way to control the amount of communication.
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