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- Consulting Services
Area, to lighten the burden on business, or offer various solutions to completely take over. Business of the existing Information Technology and keel protection and forward-looking solutions to the point for the Consultancy Services and Maintenance Agreements is activated. One at annual intervals arranged Maintenance Agreements businesses meet the needs of various departments of shows. Area, companies and corporations by individuals latest technical information, see existing equipment or the establishment of new technical equipment to use and application able to do with the purpose of training, support and related developments, open IT consulting services provide.

IT outsourcing services and a similar structure, the IT consultancy services, enterprise as a firm structure within the IT support staff anytime need not feel, but still this service structure and the principles of proper professional support to the companies' goals and needs of the most appropriate service offers.

AREA as a priority;
- Company structure is determined by competent staff
- Are identified and commented on reports the company needs.
- The company reports that the current structure of data processing and offers need to be the most efficient.
- Provide and install all meets the needs of infrastructure.
- And established the continuity of the system at critical levels, considering all the buildings are managed accordingly.
- Requirement of the units are provided with training and support experts.
- Expert staff, counseling, when the company needs not only fully-programmed times and determined by experts with the principle of continuous quality service provides IT consulting services.
- The system provides reports periodically during the year.
- Annual IT Consulting services offered to the continuity of the period, at the end of each year for all services during the year and provides detailed reports of progress.
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